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How to install scripts

This document is how to use GrADS scripts you got from this site or you made by yourself. (using Linux, bash)

First, make directory and copy the default scripts there. If you put GrADS scripts in /home/mydir/gscript, then

[mydir@hosts] mkdir gscript
[mydir@hosts] cp -r /usr/local/lib/grads/* gscript/

Edit .bash_profile in your home directory to set environmental variable "GASCRP". Specify the directory in which you put the scripts.

.bash_profile (example)


export GASCRP=/home/mydir/gscript    <-- add this line

Reload .bash_profile and you'll run the scripts in the GASCRP directory without specifing its path.

[mydir@hosts] source .bash_profile

If you put "grid.gs" in the GASCRP directory, start grads and input

ga-> grid

and then you'll see grids.